A Tale Of A Tub


Grenouille du Sang

Floris Schönfeld, 'Oratwa pou Mambo Erzulie Danto', 16mm film still and functional altar for Haitian vodou lwa or spirit Erzulie Dantor, originally commissioned as part of the 2nd International Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 2011 and recommissioned for A Tale of a Tub in 2020.

A group exhibition with Gaëlle Choisne, Jean Rouch, Markus Selg, Floris Schönfeld and Natalia Sorzano. The exhibition ‘Grenouille du Sang’ (blood frog) explores how ‘possession’, in Haitian Vodou as well …

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Extra Mural
Bestiary of Corona Animals illustration by Lisa Rampilli. Copyright Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk & Lisa Rampilli.

Parliament of Corona Animals Saturday 13 June, 14:00–16:00, A Tale of a Tub Presentation by Eva Meijer, performative lecture by Marit Mihklepp, and book launch of Bestiary of Corona Animals by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk. Order your … More →

Müge Yilmaz, 'Tapetum Lucidum', 2017-ongoing.

As of today, June 1st, cultural institutions in The Netherlands are starting to reopen. June is going to be an exciting month for A Tale of a Tub: we are … More →