A Tale Of A Tub

Education & Tours

Education at A Tale of a Tub

A Tale of a Tub’s education program revolves around questions of how art can reflect on and contribute to our understanding of present-day social, political, and ecological issues. For each exhibition we develop tours and workshops for people of all ages to invite them to reflect on the urgent topics that occupies society, to further strengthen our living and working practices. The basis of our educational programs is inquiry-based learning, which is an active form of learning that starts by posing questions and concerns. The participants are guided through these questions by an experienced art mediator.

Practical Information
We offer several educational programs for participants of different ages and levels. Groups from primary and secondary education, as well as students from higher education are welcome to dive in the Tub with us. We also offer customized workshops and guided tours, according to the participant’s demands and profile.

– All education programs are available in Dutch and English.
– €60 per hour.
– We accept the CJP Cultuurkaart.

Art and Architecture Tours

A Tale of a Tub is located in the former bathhouse at the heart of the monumental Justus van Effencomplex in Rotterdam. The complex dates back to 1922 and was designed by the Dutch architect Michiel Brinkman. The Justus van Effencomplex is a national monument and a true architectural icon. During our Architecture-meets-Art tours the guide will walk you through the Justus van Effencomplex, and will give you a glimpse into its rich history and all the facts and stories that are hidden in its stones. Together you can enjoy the unique architecture and visit the exhibition space in the former bathhouse. Our guides have an academic background in art and architecture. We can adapt your tour according to you interest, emphasizing on art, architecture or a combination of both. Prices upon request.


For further information about our education program and guided tours, please contact Malcolm Kratz, Education Curator of A Tale of a Tub, via malcolm [at] a-tub [dot] org.