A Tale Of A Tub

Event Onsite 7 July 2017 from 19:30 to 21:00

Artists, activists & smugglers – Public interview with writer and philosopher Maarten Doorman

Please join us for a public interview with writer and philosopher Maarten Doorman at A Tale of a Tub. By discussing Michal Helfman’s exhibition Running out of History we will talk about art in relation to political engagement. After the public screening of Helfman’s latest film Maarten Doorman will elaborate on the responsibilities of artists and possibilities for art in the face of crisis.

Language: English
Admission free (5 euro donation appreciated)

Running out of History
The exhibition Running out of History unfolds around Michal Helfman’s (IL, 1973) latest film with the same title. Helfman takes as the starting point her interviews with Israeli activist and humanitarian aid worker Gal Lusky, who is currently operating in war-torn Syria. In the film Helfman and Lusky discuss the similarities and differences between artists and activists, as well as the validity of art as a response to the extremities of war. Central to their conversation is the concept of ‘smuggling’ as both a concrete activist tool and as a metaphor for the artistic act.

Maarten Doorman
Maarten Doorman is writer and philosopher. He teaches philosophy at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (University Maastricht) and art criticism in the department of Media Studies (University of Amsterdam). He has a special chair in Historical Culture of Germany at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (DIA). He is also known for his poetry, his criticism and his books. Doorman wrote extensively about art, engagement and autonomy. His last books include Art in Progress. A Philosophical Response to the End of the Avant-Garde (2003), De romantische orde (2004), Paralipomena (2007), Rousseau en ik (2012, about Rousseau and authenticity ) and De navel van Daphne (2016), about the visual arts, politics and autonomy. Doorman has participated in many radio and television programs (as in the legendary television program Zeeman met boeken, 1997-2002) and is a well regarded intellectual in the Netherlands.

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