A Tale Of A Tub

Event Onsite 26 January 2020 from 13:00 to 18:00

Closing Event Eden Hotel & Mycelium as Lingua Franca | Performances at 16.00

A Tale of a Tub would like to invite you to the closing event of Eden Hotel by Milena Bonilla and Mycelium as Lingua Franca, a group exhibition with Lizan Freijsen, Dominique Koch, The Mycological Twist (Anne de Boer & Eloïse Bonneviot), Dries Segers, Jenna Sutela, and Wouter Venema.

The closing event will give you the final opportunity to visit both exhibitions (from 13:00–18.00), as well as to join us at 16.00 for a performative reading by Bea McMahon of a letter written by Rosa Luxemburg to Luise Kautsky 103 years ago on this Sunday (26.01.1917). The reading is accompanied by a special cocktail created by Laurent-David Garnier, who took specific herbs from Luxemburg’s herbarium as part of his recipe.

Bea McMahon
Bea McMahon makes performances, moving image works, drawings and sculptures that together form a technology of gesture, which she proposes is an endlessly deformable thing that delivers information all in one go. She wants to make work that is permissive while also attending to the reality of our society in which our bodies are a site where a myriad of forces play out. We are beings that reconcile these forces.

Laurent-David Garnier
Laurent-David Garnier interrogates the nature of reality at a molecular embodied and societal level, exploring the optical and the olfactory in relation to the physical examination of their experience. From benign to highly technological objects, his practice leads to installations and performances which artificially activate power and social relations, queerness and post human. The non-mimetic idea of the perception of smells becomes particularly interesting when questioning how to create smells based mainly on the abstract qualities of their morphological characteristics of their component molecules. In an era of post-truth neoliberalism and power games as usual, the often volatility of his artworks expose an uneasy relationship to the “value” often associated with art.