A Tale Of A Tub

Event Onsite 15 April 2018 from 16:00 to 18:00

Emma van der Put in conversation with Noor Mertens

To conclude her exhibition Mall of Europe, artist Emma van der Put wil speak with curator Noor Mertens about the work she made for the C.o.C.A. Commission 2017, now on view at A Tale of a Tub. With four new video works Van de Put observes the Brussels Expo area, where the World Fair of 1958 was held. At the time, the area was developed based on ideas of what Europe should look like. The artist has captured the current condition of this area and gives a glimpse of the future: plans to modernize the area add a new chapter to the wishful thinking about an ideal society.

Mall of Europe is curated by Noor Mertens (director Kunstverein Langenhagen, DE)

Emma van der Put, Mall of Europe, installation view A Tale of a Tub, 2017. Photo: Fabian Landewee