A Tale Of A Tub

Event Onsite 5 September 2015 from 13:00 to 16:00

TUB Talk: Filthy Unfilthy

We are delighted to invite you upcoming Saturday for the artist talk by Igshaan Adams and the presentation “Islam & sexual diversity” by Dino Suhonic, director Stichting Maruf. While enjoying a lovely lunch Igshaan will tell use more about the works in the current exhibition. Followed by a presentation by Dino Suhonic, in which he will give us as short historical introduction into Islam with a focus on the religion and its complex relation with gender issues.

Maruf is an organization dedicated to improve a better position of Muslim LGBTs in the Netherlands and around the world. Maruf increases awareness around Islam, gender and sexual diversity. The organization supports Muslims in the acceptance of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

About the speaker
Dino Suhonic is Bosnian, Muslim and gay, chairman of Maruf, the first Muslim LGBT organization in the Netherlands, high school teacher and editor at Nieuwemoskee.nl. He started the first empowerment program for queer Muslim in Netherlands and is part of the ‘Global Queer Muslim Network’. Dino Suhonic also appeared in several Dutch television programs and newspapers such as NRC Next and Volkskrant.

Free entry

Lunch and drinks will be served

Photo by Amanda Mullee