A Tale Of A Tub

Event Onsite 27 June 2020 from 15:00 to 23 August 2020 18:00

Institute for Cognitive Prosperity | Antye Guenther

Welcome to the temporal headquarters of the Institute for Cognitive Prosperity and the first showcase of our services in Rotterdam.

The Institute for Cognitive Prosperity is a visionary think tank that seeks to elevate the human mind for advanced mental flourishing and universal cognitive efficiency. It does so by raising awareness of the great benefits of brain alteration; creating enhancing environments and unique transformative experiences. Our vision is one of a blossoming and prosperous world where enlightened citizens at the peak of their cognitive performance are able to unleash their full potential for personal growth and global healing.

We aim for both individual and collective brain advancement and self-optimisation by offering different enhancement services. The core of our activities is centred on heightening mental capacity by developing novel approaches for overcoming limiting brain-body barriers. Similar to how an app needs a smartphone to inhabit, we consider the human body as a vessel that carries the brain and needs constant nourishing. In the centre of our showcase one can find a facsimile rendition of our state-of-the-art research lab, which advocates the possibilities of expanding one’s mental capacity for cognitive growth by uploading different othered minds, exemplified by a formation of brain vases. The vases contribute to our goal to reinvent human cognitive perception that is able to keep up with the accelerating computational ways of interfacing within an ever-changing world. We consider it undesirable to reinstall old mental software; consequently, we propose these vases to think about fundamental metaphors for relating to reality, with additional storage capacity. In addition, brain entrainment sound frequencies will be emitted into the space. These frequencies carry the promise of heightening one’s focus, creativity, and capacity for rational thinking. The observatory room on the first floor presents our upload program. The Upload shows an animated visualisation of MRI-brain-data, accompanied by meditative speech guidance inviting clients to immerse and relax in a unique mindfulness experience. The Upload is based on the widely acclaimed US-American governmental method for brain-self-observation to influence and induce brain and thinking activities. The ceramic tableau at the end of the first floor presents the foundational grounding of the Institute for Cognitive Prosperity, a guiding glyph language mapping an incident in the development of brain changes and manipulation.

We believe that modulating neural activity will be an essential part of future generations, extending their bodies and minds into the realms of machines and digital circuitries. The Institute for Cognitive Prosperity operates as a state-of-the-art research platform now showcasing its first services to provide cognitive peak performance to future customers.

We hope to invent you soon!

Antye Guenther, The Institute for Cognitive Prosperity, exhibition header, 2020.