A Tale Of A Tub

Event Onsite 7 September 2017 from 17:00 to 20:00

Opening Delirium & Destiny with performance ‘Lapsus Kairos’

The efflorescent program Delirium & Destiny explores alternative modes of reason, through a diversity of voices in art, poetry, and philosophy. The opening of the program is marked by the performance ‘Lapsus Kairos’ (2017) by the poet/musician duo Himali Singh Soin & David Soin Tappeser (H/D).

In Lapsus Kairos, H/D speculate upon the potential histories ​and utopian futures ​of the Justus van Effencomplex through twelve micro fictions. Mimicking the structure of the sundial, the compass, the nose, the rose, these allegorical narratives triangulate, breaking down the dialectic by adding an infinite third. The stories are held together the way an hourglass is held together, by a moment of rest, a single strand of synchronicity guided by the centripetal rhythm of the percussionist-timekeeper. Here, you will bathe with Jonathan Swift, you will and will not think like Plato, you will fly into an invisible geodesic dome and find yourself waiting on an infinite lunch break. Choose your own adventure.

About the artists
(H/D) is a poet/musician duo whose work centers around the rhythms of love and the beat of belonging. Singh Soin (New Delhi, 1987) is an artist and writer whose work is inspired by literature and the cosmos. Soin Tappeser (Bonn, 1985) is a jazz musician who manipulates time with the rhythm. Recent performances include ‘To Tehran in my Dreams,’ JNU, Delhi; ‘Radar Level’ at Kadist, San Francisco, ‘The Particle and The Wave, Latitude 28, Delhi, ‘You really got me now’ at Richmix, London, among others.

Himali Singh Soin has participated in The Missing One at Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka, and OCA, Oslo; Archival Alchemy at the Abrons Art Centre, NYC; Radar Level at Kadist in San Francisco and Khoj, Delhi; In the Meantime at The Royal Observatory, Greenwich; The Abyss of Space at The Mosaic Rooms; The Clockmaker’s reverie at Pi Artworks; The Particle and the Wave at ICA; You really got me now at Richmix, [London and an ongoing India + Europe tour; Transit at Fabrika Moscow, The Paris Follies at The Meet Factory, Prague and Bucharest Art Week, To Tehran in my Dreams at JNU, Delhi.

David Soin Tappeser is a jazz drummer and composer based in London. Beyond his more traditional work as an ensemble musician – notably with his own quartet Good as Gold, his klezmer band Oysland- he regularly collaborates with artists from other fields – most notably in the context of his performance duo H/D with Himali Singh Soin. Past performance venues/contexts include Bucharest Jazz Festival, Sunset/Sunside, Paris, Classiic sur le Roc St. Malo, The Piano Man Jazz Club, New Delhi, NIghtjar, London, Richmix, London and many others.