A Tale Of A Tub

Event Onsite 17 September 2017 from 16:00 to 18:00

Writing Workshop | Performing Dreams (fully booked)

with Mia You

“At the root of poetic knowledge lies an astonishing mobilization of all human and cosmic powers. The poet approaches the poem not just with his whole soul but with his whole being. What presides over the poem is not the most lucid intelligence, the sharpest sensibility or the subtlest of feelings, but experience as a whole; all the women you have loved, all the desires you have felt, all the dreams you have dreamed…” – Aimé Cesaire, “Poetry and Knowledge” (1945)

Akin to Cesaire, Maria Zambrano identifies dreams as both the source of, and space for, poetic inquiry. Through this workshop, led by poet Mia You, Delirium & Destiny invites participants both to make a record of their dreams – or the salient, inexplicable, impossible details they are drawn to recall from them – and then to work collectively to enact and to perform them. Incorporating writing, reading, and interpretation, the workshop is an exercise in turning our evasive, personal, seemingly inconsequential preoccupations into shared possibilities, into poetry inscribing the future.

Due to limited space for fifteen people, we ask that you kindly register at info@a-tub.org
Update: this workshop is fully booked!

About the poet
Mia You was born in South Korea, raised in the United States. Mia You is the author of ‘I, Too, Dislike It’ (1913 Press, 2016) and ‘Objective Practice’ (Achiote Press, 2007). Currently, she is collaborating on two book-length poetic projects: ‘The Multinational Book of Contracts’ with Maarten van der Graaff, and ‘Different Movements of Bodies in the City’ with Lyn Hejinian. Her writing has appeared in Artforum, Bookforum, The Hairpin, Jacket2, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and The Offing. With Chloe Garcia-Roberts, she is the co-founder/editor of A. BRADSTREET. She is a contributing editor at Perdu, an experimental literary podium in Amsterdam, and The Critical Flame.You is a docent in the English department at the Universiteit Utrecht and currently, lives in the Netherlands.