A Tale Of A Tub

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Shezad Dawood at Projections | Art Rotterdam

A Tale of a Tub participates in Art Rotterdam | Projections with the presentation of the first episode of a ten-part film cycle conceived and directed by Shezad Dawood.

Leviathan Cycle, Episode 1: Ben

Art Rotterdam | Projections
8 – 11 February
Opening (by invitation) 7 February

Leviathan looks at some of the urgent issues of our times. In dialogue with a wide range of marine biologists, oceanographers, political scientists, neurologists and trauma specialists, the films explore notions of marine welfare, migration and mental health and their possible interconnections. The ten-part film cycle was inaugurated in Venice in May 2017 to coincide with the 57th Art Biennale, and will unfold between 2017 and 2020, with A Tale of a Tub being one of the co-commissioners. The presentation at Art Rotterdam forms the prelude to Dawood’s exhibition at A Tale of a Tub in the fall of 2018.

Shezad Dawood Leviathan Cycle, Episode 1: Ben (production still) 2017, HD Video, 12'52''. Courtesy of the artist and UBIK Productions