A Tale Of A Tub

Exhibition Onsite from 4 February 2021 to 4 April 2021

Tlön Projects x Dean Bowen

A Tale of a Tub is pleased to announce our upcoming collaboration for an exhibition with Tlön Projects. Tlön Projects is a foundation and platform established with the objective of promoting the visibility and mobility of contemporary artworks by assembling and redistributing works from international art collections. Tlön Projects provides curators, thinkers and writers with access to their imaginary collection for research purposes so scenarios can be developed for exhibitions, innovative presentations and fleeting activities that spotlight the works from the collection. For this inaugural edition, A Tale of a Tub has invited Dean Bowenpoet and performeras guest-curator for an exhibition departing from Tlön Project’s imaginary collection. Bowen’s practice is mainly concerned with investigating the dynamics of composites identities and their sociopolitical positioning. In that, Bowen employs the poem as an instrument and as a democratic space to capture polyphony. 

The exhibition will run from Thursday 4 February until Sunday 4 April 2021, with extended opening hours during Art Rotterdam. Further information about the exhibition, opening dates and times will follow soon.

This exhibition is made possible with the support from the Municipality of Rotterdam and the Mondriaan Fund, in direct partnership with Art Rotterdam.

Dean Bowen
Dean Bowen. Copyright: Irwan Droog.